The Cloak of the Sewers

Cloak_of_the_Sewers.pngThe Cloak of the Sewers is a remarkably ugly cloak, greenish brown, seemingly filthy, and bearing a vaguely sewers musty smell no matter what you do to it. Despite this it is clearly incredibly well made, thick and sturdy, and bearing the unmistakable aura of strong magic for those who can sense it.

Requires Attunement

The Cloak of the Sewers Grants it’s wearer +1 Armor Class, while lowering their Charisma by 1. In addition, the wearer can polymorph into a troll, an ochre jelly, or a rat. The transformation lasts up to 8 hours, or until the wearer uses an action to end it. Once the wearer has polymorphed they can not do so again until they complete a long rest.


The Cloak of the Sewers

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