Thurkesh Khorental

House Khorendath Slavemaster


Thurkesh is the Slavemaster of House Khorendath. He is a lesser son of House Khorental, a minor house that is closely allied to House Khorendath. Thurkesh had very few prospects within his own house, but he is a clever and talented sorcerer. He entered the service of House Khorendath, where his talents brought him to the attention of Dhorash Khorendath himself, and he was placed in charge of the House Khorendath’s large slave stock.

He takes a personal interest in House Khorendath’s stable of prized gladiators in Estuar, where they compete in the Grand Arena. There he experiments on the Mind Brands used to control The Ascendancy’s most valuable slaves, expanding and fine tuning their powers.

Thurkesh is driven, smart, and ruthless, and accepts neither failure nor embarrassment well. It is likely that with the escape of The Broken Blades he will turn all the resources at his disposal to their tracking and recapture.

Thurkesh Khorental

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