Morag ChozAstul

Outcast Necromancer


Morrag ChozAstul is an outcast of House ChozAstul, a major house of Clan Astul. He was exiled due to his experiments into necromancy.

He has currently set up shop in the sewers below Estuar, which is where the Last Blades met him. Busy with his experiments, he asks them to recover some corpses from a nearby sewer culvert for him. In exchange, he will provide them with a map out of the sewers.

The party accepts the deal, and fetches the corpses, defeating an Otyugh which had been feeding on them. On their return Morrag, grateful for their help and their open mindedness, gives them the map, along with a magical token that they can use to contact him should they require his aid or expertise in the future.


Morag ChozAstul

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