Allesandra Destoliano

Champion of House Khorendath


Allesandra was a successful ship’s captain in The Nailor Republics before a freak storm sank her ship and ruined her. The merchant prince who had financed her most recent trip was furious, until Lorenzo di Piero, on assignment from The Palazzo Republico, suggested that he was well within his rights, according to their contract, to seize Allesandra’s remaining assets and sell her and her surviving crew into slavery in order to recoup his costs.

Thurkesh Khorental happened to be in the republics on slave purchasing trip. Impressed by Allesandra’s spirit, he purchased her and her crew, sending them back to House Khorendath to be trained as gladiators. Allesandro excelled, and three years later she is the current champion of House Khorendath, living in relative comfort and luxury in the Khorendath Ludus. Only two members of her original crew, Lucien and Davros, still survive.

When The Broken Blades met Allesandra she attempted to recruit them in the the removal by any means necessary of Kromtagh Necksnapper and Faemon Festerfoot from the House Khorendath Ludus, as each posed a separate threat to her position as Champion. The Blades considered making a deal with her, even going so far as to challenge Kromtagh to a duel to the death, which they won, before they decided to pursue a different path of escape from the Ludus.

Allesandra Destoliano

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