Sur is the world, and the world is Sur. It is vast in both area and adventure, filled with terrors and wonders beyond mortal ken.

Near Sur, the name of the the area explored and mapped by the Thantil Ascendancy, it’s dominant culture, is a crossroads of sorts, a place where the edges of three vast and unknown continents constrain a large calm sea dominated by a great archipelago continent.

The Thantil Ascendancy is an old and powerful dragonborn empire, the dominant cultural, military, and scientific power of Near Sur. The Ascendancy is currently in an expansionist faze, their armies or agents at work spreading it’s influence and power. They rule from Thantalos, an island system in the Sheltered Sea that is a small continent in its own right.

The other three continents are as follows:

Norel: To the north and west of Thantalos is Norel. It is cold and mountainous along its north eastern edge, but its interior is sheltered and fertile. It is home to both the elves and dwarves of Near Sur, as well as a The Thousand Kingdoms, a vast lawless collection of kingdoms, city states, and tiny empires, few of which last longer than the lives of their founders, which stretches into Norel far beyond Near Sur.

Sothos: To the south of Thantalos lies Sothos, whose near regions are dominated by Abraxus nil Feltus, or The Green Death, a dense jungle whose interior has never been mapped, filled with unknown secrets.

Estmor: Estmor is the most settled continent in Near Sur, with the exception of Thantalos itself, its plains and fields dotted by villages and small cities, most of which are peaceful and bountiful, along with a few old kingdoms and great cities.